Apartment for 4-6
                                Apartment for 4
                                        Apartment for 2

The Relax Apartment-house can be found in a quiet street, in the centre of Gyenesdiás. Hereby providing rest and quietness. It is situated within 1 km from Keszthely and 4 km from Hévíz. 
The apartments has an ideal arrangement with a eastern/western-facing aspect. There are three apartments in the house, one on the ground floor and two upstairs. Free Wifi and in the 4 person apartman air condition are waiting for You.
We hope that we aroused your curiosity, and next time we can greet you as our guess.

To get more information, please write an email. 

Relax Apartments
H-8315 Gyenesdiás, Vörösmarty u. 5.
Mobile: +36-30-203-2319
Web: http://apartmanrelax.hu/
E-mail: info@apartmanrelax.hu
Nak number: MA 19018026